NHUAC - Members

North Highline UAC

Unincorporated Area Councils provide the County with community input on behalf of citizens living within the geographic boundary of the UAC, including but not limited to the following issues, programs and policies:


Identify issues of concern to the community and suggest strategies for the county to address affordable housing, environmental protection, open space, water quality, surface water management, economic development, and growth management.


Develop and recommend priorities for services and methods of service delivery in the community for such issues as public safety, public health, human services, transportation, transit, parks, recreation, and arts and heritage programs.


Serve as a resource for citizen input and advice on community or subarea plans affecting the community.


Review proposed county spending in the community and recommend priorities or alternatives desired by the community.


Patricia Price  Treasurer

Liz Giba President

Christine Waldman

Barbara Dobkin Vice President

Richard Miller

Wendell Davis










Assist the County in the development of community or subarea plans, and plan updates.


Review and comment on all other matters referred to it by the County Executive.


Receive notice of, review and comment on land use applications pursuant to all provisions of the King County Code.


Regularly recommend to the County Executive candidates for appointment to County boards, commissions, task forces and citizen advisory committees.